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Saturday April 24

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Reserve Your Ticket!


One ticket is needed for every person attending the event. To ensure social distancing between families/groups we have a limited quantity of guests allowed per day. 


Event Ticket Price:

$12.00: Not-Yet member child

$10.00: Member Child 

$5.00: Adult

FREE: Children 1 & Younger 

Corporate Members: To reserve your tickets please contact Joyce at (517)485-8116 ext. 126.


Special Event Ticket Price:

$2:00: Museums For All (up to 6 guests with verification of valid ID and EBT, WIC or Medicaid) please call Reservations at (517)485-8116 ext. 132 or email



By reserving a time slot, all visitors agree to a health screening, to wear a mask during the duration of your visit, social distance as a group, and be symptom-free at the time of visit.



Please purchase one ticket for each person who will be attending LEGO Palooza.